Pöördosmoosi membraani talvine hooldus, kas tegite seda õigesti?

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märts 27, 2024

Pöördosmoosi membraani talvine hooldus, kas tegite seda õigesti?

In winter, how will the properties of Pöördosmoosi membraan film change?
With the coming of winter
The temperature is getting lower and lower, the water production of RO membraan elements gradually decreases, but the desalting rate increases

What are the reasons for the change?
As the temperature of the water molecules decreases, the viscosity increases and the diffusivity decreases, resulting in lower water yield and at the same time, as the temperature decreases, the permeability of the solute decreases and the desalting rate increases

So, how should the Membraani element be cured?
Membraani maintenance during system operation
1. The ambient temperature of the reverse osmosis system should be greater than 5°C
2. Increase the inlet water temperature or pressure
3. When the raw water temperature is below 10°C, it is recommended to use the raw water heater to heat the raw water to 20-25°0

Membraani maintenance during system outage
1. Keep the temperature between 5-45°C
2. Low temperature is conducive to the preservation of membrane elements, but it should be prevented
System freezing

Unused Membraani element curing
1. Dry film elements, the storage place must be cold and dry without direct sunlight, the ambient temperature should be lower than 45°C
2. Wet Membraani elements, it is necessary to pay attention to the storage environment temperature should be greater than 5 ° C, less than 45 ° C
3. If the Membraani element is frozen, in order to prevent the diaphragm scratch, the ice should be slowly melted at room temperature, and then pressurized after the complete absence of ice

Winter maintenance of reverse osmosis equipment
1. If installed indoors, ensure that the room temperature is not lower than 0 ° C, and heat the equipment if necessary
2. If the water inlet pipe is frozen and can not supply water or the water supply is small, do not forcibly start the reverse osmosis equipment to work, be sure to comply with the water requirements of the pöördosmoosi membraan element, do not blindly pressurize
3. If it is installed outdoors, anti-freezing measures must be taken, and the water treatment equipment should be stopped when the temperature is lower than 0°C

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