Tutvustatakse puhta veesüsteemi seadmete ühiseid tarvikuid

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märts 22, 2024

Tutvustatakse puhta veesüsteemi seadmete ühiseid tarvikuid

water system equipment
A pure water system is a device used to remove impurities from water in order to produce high purity water.
The following is the introduction of common accessories for pure water systems:

1、Water inlet solenoid valve

Water inlet solenoid valve pressure range is 0-10kg/cm2. Its main function is to automatically cut off the path between the raw water and the film when the equipment is shut down to achieve the purpose of stopping the water flow.

2、Raw water pressure gauge

The pressure source is provided by the raw water pump, and the range is about 3Kg.

3、Pressure gauge behind safety filter, pressure gauge in front of pump

This table is mainly to show the pressure before the raw water into the pump, this table with the raw water supply system pressure gauge observation, you can determine whether the security filter element failure or whether the cleaning, when the pressure difference is very large (greater than 60PSI), indicating that the filter element should be cleaned, such as cleaning still can not meet the requirements, it should be replaced.

4、Pressure gauge for pre-film and concentrated water (0----400PSI)
The pressure gauge in front of the film shows the water pressure when the water enters the film, and the pressure gauge for concentrated water shows the pressure between the last film outlet and the concentrated water regulating valve. These two tables cooperate with the observation, you can know the pressure difference, which is very important in actual operation.
When adjusting the operating parameters, the system pressure should be adjusted according to the pressure gauge in front of the film, especially when the system pressure is at the upper limit and the film pressure difference is large, we should pay attention to this point.

5、pressure switch

The function of the pressure switch is to set the water pressure control host operation or stop protection device according to the system process requirements, when the raw water supply pressure is lower than the system set value, the pressure switch will automatically shut down the host to avoid the high pressure pump in the water shortage or no water time and space, causing damage to the pump, its minimum value is roughly placed between 20-50PSI.

6、Conductivity meter or resistance meter

Its main function is to display the water quality of pure water when the equipment is running online, the unit is μs/cm or MΩ.

7、Concentrated water regulating valve
The valve is an important component of the RO host, and its main function is to adjust the pressure in the membrane tube to achieve the purpose of adjusting the ratio of pure water and concentrated water. It is used in conjunction with the concentrated water recovery valve to better adjust the pressure in the membrane tube and the output of pure water.

8、Flush solenoid valve

Its main function is to regularly flush the RO film surface, when the system high pressure operation, flushing solenoid valve suddenly opened, reduce the pressure in the film tube, increase the flow rate in the film tube, let the concentrated water flow through, to achieve the purpose of flushing the film surface, this is an important component of the RO host, its specifications for 3/4 inch import and export, low pressure film selection of 0-10kg/cm2 solenoid valve; High pressure film selection of 0-16kg/cm2 solenoid valve.

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