100L elektriline kütteaurusti pervaporatsioonimasin heitgaaside puhastamiseks

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märts 22, 2024

100L üheefektne aurusti / elektriline kütteaurusti pervaporatsioonimasin heitgaaside puhastamiseks

An electric heating evaporator pervaporation machine is a specialized equipment used in the process of pervaporation, which is a separation technology that combines evaporation and membrane filtration to separate liquids based on their different permeation rates through a membrane.  Here are some key components and functions of an electric heating evaporator pervaporation machine:

1.Electric Heating Evaporator:
The electric heating evaporator is used to heat the liquid mixture that needs to be separated.  By applying heat, the components of the mixture are vaporized, leading to the formation of a vapor phase that can be separated from the liquid phase.

2.Membrane Module:
The pervaporation machine is equipped with a membrane module that contains a selective membrane.  This membrane allows certain components of the vapor phase to permeate through while blocking others, enabling the separation of desired components from the mixture.

3.Heating Element:
The heating element within the evaporator is powered by electricity to generate the heat needed for evaporation.  This heat is crucial for creating the vapor phase that will pass through the membrane for separation.

4.Separation Process:
In pervaporation, the liquid mixture is heated in the evaporator, causing the volatile components to evaporate.  These vapors then pass through the membrane, where the selective permeation properties of the membrane allow for the separation of specific components.  The separated components can then be collected for further processing.

5.Control System:
The machine is typically equipped with a control system that regulates the temperature, pressure, and other operating parameters to ensure efficient separation and maintain the integrity of the membrane.

Electric heating evaporator pervaporation machines
are used in various industries for separating components from liquid mixtures, such as in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, and environmental applications.

1. The vacuum pump is not always connected to the evaporation system.  A shut-off valve is installed in the middle of the pipeline, which is controlled by the set pressure, which reduces the turn-on time of the vacuum equipment and the system and can reduce the solvent loss caused by the vacuum air flow.

2. The solvent discharge pump is controlled by a liquid level transmitter,the solvent can be continuously and automatically output, and the distilled solvent is discharged without stopping the operation

3. Large cooling area, two-stage condensation effectively reduces solvent loss

4. If the residual solvent does not meet the requirements after the first evaporation, the evaporation can be recycled.

Overall, the electric heating evaporator pervaporation machine plays a crucial role in the pervaporation process by providing the necessary heat for evaporation and facilitating the selective separation of components through a membrane, offering a versatile and efficient solution for liquid separation applications.

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